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I say Harriet Jones who has just had a downfall of being Prime Minister when the Master appeared. (PROSE: The Christmas Inversion), The Prime Ministers are listed in rough chronological order by their. [11] Davies remarks that as Prime Minister, Jones is "out of her depth" and "does the wrong thing"; he intended her downfall to reflect the episode's anti-war message. In doing so, she allowed the Daleks to trace her signal and a squad of Daleks were dispatched to exterminate her. Dame Harriet Mary Walter DBE (born 24 September 1950) is an English stage and screen actress. Schoolteachers Christian and Harriet Jones, both 31, and their children Amber, 11, Tabitha, eight, and three-year-old twins Harry and Louis moved into their new home in York two weeks ago after the council refurbished the 4-bedroom property which had lain empty for four years. The Doctor tells Rose that Harriet is destined to be elected as Prime Minister for three successive terms and be the architect of a period known as Britain's "Golden Age". (TV: The Christmas Invasion) She later modified her introduction to say, "Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister", flashing her passport. Her sacrifice allowed the Doctor and his companions to save the whole of reality. (202) 610-1642. [13] Collinson also felt that Harriet's downfall could be seen as a "hark to Thatcher" as one of Thatcher's aides had reportedly stated her looking tired; Davies acknowledged a parallel with events in Whitehall and felt the script underlined the power of rumours. People with the same last name and sometimes even full name can become a real headache to search — for example, Jonathan Jones is found in our records 2,034 times. Harriet is killed off in the penultimate episode of the show's fourth series in which she sacrifices her own life to help prevent a Dalek takeover of Earth. (TV: The Stolen Earth), Harriet Jones makes her escape. See more ideas about christine daae, phantom of the opera, theatre. [21] Of Harriet Jones's development, Stuart Galbrainth of DVD Talk felt that she begins as a "charming neophyte minister" but becomes "suddenly much less charming at the end of "Christmas Invasion," when she becomes just another politician". Jones, the Doctor and Rose survived thanks to hiding inside a sturdy cupboard within the Cabinet Room. Meet the cast of Syfy's latest post-apocalyptic drama and check out a behind the scenes look at the series. Speaking in April 2005, Wilton expressed interest in returning to the series to explore the character further. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) However, she didn't take kindly to others making jokes at inappropriate times, and was less than impressed when Captain Jack Harkness started flirting with Sarah Jane Smith over the Sub-Wave Network. Harriet Jones is a resident of GA. Lookup the home address and phone and other contact details for this person. He felt that her rebuttal of aid from the US president after aliens invade is a "swipe at Blair and Bush over the invasion of Iraq". (TV: Aliens of London). [13] In his column in Doctor Who Magazine Davies explains his intention that by the Doctor ending Jones's career early, a "gap" was created in history that the Master (John Simm) was then able to exploit and become Prime Minister. "[9] When faced with the deadly Slitheen, Wilton remarks that she demonstrates "tremendous resilience and courage.". Current occupation is listed as Production Occupations. Presumed owner of the real estate located at 8913 Glen Ln, Fort Washington. Affiliated with: Having worked previously with lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, Wilton was keen to involve herself with his 2005 revival of Doctor Who after he sought to cast her. [22] However, Cliff Chapman of Den of Geek felt that the episode's denouement was flawed by trying to "make out that Harriet Jones is awful for doing something perfectly reasonable. Harriet Jones was an unassuming career backbencher serving the constituency of Flydale North. [8] Wilton was drawn to the role after working with Davies on his show Bob and Rose and being impressed by his writing. Harriet Jones considers the impact of the new Freedom of Information Act on students of contemporary history. Having worked previously with lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies, Wilton was keen to involve herself with his 2005 revival of Doctor Who after he sought to cast her. (TV: The Stolen Earth), Torchwood Institute leader Jack Harkness once rang her, angrily demanding to know why Torchwood files were being "given" to the Leader of the Opposition. [6], The 2017 poetry book Now We Are Six Hundred, written by James Goss and illustrated by Davies, includes a poem revealing that Harriet escaped from the Dalek attack. Earth (PROSE: Harriet Jones, PM), The Doctor later felt incredible remorse when he realised that, despite rejecting her, she seemingly gave her life to get him where he was supposed to be. Fort Washington. The network was created for a time when — as Harriet had predicted — the Doctor would fail to protect the Earth in a time of crisis. [4], Harriet makes a final appearance in the 2008 episode "The Stolen Earth" where it is revealed she has continued to work in defence of Earth, maintaining that she was correct in not abdicating responsibility for Earth's protection to the Doctor. Harriet fell through a trapdoor, landed on a mattress and sped away on a motorcycle. Rent value for a two bedroom unit in the zip code 17345 is estimated at $880 a month. Harriet Jones; Harriet Jones. Response to the character's political decisions prompted mixed commentary from the media; some reviewers felt that the character had acted unreasonably whilst others sympathised with her actions and felt her scripted political demise was unjust. [26] SFX placed the character of Harriet Jones at number 12 in a 2009 article listing the 27 things they loved best about the revival of Doctor Who, citing the running joke associated with the character. [7], The role of Harriet Jones was written specially for Penelope Wilton by the series' lead writer and executive producer Russell T Davies. Species: Prime Minister (TV: Aliens of London) Later, as Prime Minister, she continued to flash her card and say, "Harriet Jones, Prime Minister". She was at 10 Downing Street when an alien spacecraft crashed in the River Thames on 6 March, 2006. Until she was six years old Harriet was unaware that she was the property of Margaret Horniblow. (TV: The Christmas Invasion), In a crisis, Harriet was driven and willing to take charge. We have found at least 200 people in the UK with the name Harriet Jones. So does that mean she can have a sonic screw driver too seeing as the Master and the Doctor were both time lords. Jones had an internationally successful television variety show titled This Is Tom Jones from 1969 to 1971. The Doctor reacts furiously to what he perceives as cold-blooded murder and tells her that he can bring her down with just six words: "Don't you think she looks tired?" Jones is introduced in the two-part story "Aliens of London" and "World War Three" as a Member of Parliament who aids the Ninth Doctor against an alien invasion of London. Rose is Jackie’s life; all that she’s got. As the clear up effort was under way, Jones called for an Official Enquiry. She took to the role of leadership easily, proceeding to reassure the public when the crisis was over. In light of the current climate, we have decided to alter the arrangements for our office on Saturdays. Russell T Davies responded to observations of political commentary by stating that there is "absolutely an anti-war message" present in the episode due to Christmas being "a day of peace". Jones is introduced in the two-part story "Aliens of London" and "World War Three" as a Member of Parliament who aids the Ninth Doctoragainst an alien invasion of London. Upon seeing the broadcast, Jo Grant suggested that the Master, who hypothetically travelled forward in time, had hypnotised Harriet to lure the Doctor into a trap. After Life season two has now landed on Netflix with the second outing of Ricky Gervais’ heartbreaking comedy. She was there to discuss plans for the Flydale Infirmary, where her mother was staying, in her "tiny little" constitu… Search the world's most comprehensive index of full-text books. [14], Davies wrote Harriet Jones into the script for the fourth series finale episode "The Stolen Earth" before Wilton was approached about reprising the role because Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson wished for the character to have a satisfying and redemptive conclusion. see list In light of the current climate, we have decided to alter the arrangements for our office on Saturdays. Harriet, a Top 100 name at the turn of the last century, hasn't appeared on the list since 1970. As the Earth surrenders to an invading army of Dalek warships, Harriet uses a sentient "subwave" network to connect with other allies of the Doctor. “Harriet Jones, future Prime Minister. As the only elected representative present, Jones gave the Doctor the order to launch a Harpoon missile at Downing Street, killing the Slitheen before they could trigger off a nuclear war. [27] In March 2015 Dan Wilson of Metro listed Harriet as one of the ten best original characters introduced to Doctor Who since 2005, describing her as a "complex woman" who "came good in the end". He also compared Jones's destruction of the fleeing Sycorax—a decision heavily criticised by the Doctor—to Margaret Thatcher's decision to sink the Argentine warship General Belgrano during the Falklands War. Wilton returned for the series' 2005 Christmas special as Davies wanted to include a familiar character whose presence would ease the transition following a change in the series' lead actor. Davies’ again manages to plausibly convey the sense of fear, wonder and shock that ‘normal’ people feel when they experience aliens and the like, and after the horror she witnesses here, poor Harriet really has our sympathies, especially as she is visibly doing Memorable moment Elected for three successive terms, the architect of Britain's Golden Age.” Furthermore, to see Rose leave her poor Mother alone, again, was utterly heartbreaking. Aliens of London (TV: Twice Upon a Time) When the Third Doctor met J… Penelope Wilton It was broadcast by ITV in the UK and by the American Broadcasting Company in the US. Darren M Finder and Jodi Finder are connected to this place. Eventually, she was trapped together with the Doctor and Rose in the Cabinet Room and aided the Doctor in determining the Slitheen's weaknesses. For the foreseeable future, our office building will not be open to the public on Saturdays. Harriet Jones is a resident of Tennille. "[8] Collinson and Davies lamented the character's death: Collinson stated, "I can't bear the thought she's dead" and argued that she somehow survived,[17] whilst Davies stated in Doctor Who Magazine issue 397 that "when [significant characters a writer creates] have to die, it's a genuinely emotional time". As director’s duties and obligations change and the priority shifts to looking after creditors so analysing whether a company is “insolvent” becomes of increasing importance, as does evidencing decisions … [28], Fictional character in the British television series Doctor Who, For other people named Harriet Jones, see. At this stage of planning, Donna had not been confirmed as the Doctor's full-time companion for the fourth series. The alter Harriet Jones is meant to be president in the parrallel Great Britain. After the incident, Harriet Jones was chosen to form a new government. Harriet Jones' mother Her political party is not stated, although she describes herself as "hardly one of the babes", "just a faithful backbencher". Click here to find personal data about Harriet Jones including phone numbers, addresses, directorships, electoral roll information, related property prices and other useful information. Harriet Jacobs, daughter of Delilah, the slave of Margaret Horniblow, and Daniel Jacobs, the slave of Andrew Knox, was born in Edenton, North Carolina, in the fall of 1813. She wondered for "a long time" if she was wrong about her actions, but years afterwards, she continued to stand by what she did. Main actor: Screw Destiny: Becomes the victim of the Doctor's decision to significantly alter her history after her first year as Prime Minister. The Associated Television-produced show was worth a reported US$9,000,000 (equivalent to about $56,800,000 in 2019) to Jones over three years. Though tired of a running joke throughout the series where Jones would introduce herself only to be told "I know who you are," Anders remarks that in the face of her demise "she was able to turn her usual schtick into a moving speech of defiance. (TV: World War Three) The Tenth Doctor remarked how, during the destruction of Downing Street, Harriet Jones' first thought wasn't of the aliens or the war, but of her mother being on her own. She remained defiant in her last moments, holding up her ID card and saying, "Harriet Jones, former Prime Minister." Wilton's last appearance in 2008 coincided with producer Phil Collinson's final episodes; she was keen to make a final return as she had been there for Collinson's first episodes as producer. (410) 668-2964 is the phone number for Harriet. To this end he and producer Phil Collinson secured the return of Wilton's character in her capacity as Prime Minister. With the help of the Mr Copper Foundation, she developed the subwave network, an intuitive system to seek out via computer anyone who had had extensive dealings with the Doctor. Harriet Jones is introduced in the 2005 episode "Aliens of London" as an MP for the fictional constituency of Flydale North. (TV: The Stolen Earth) Harriet was brave and selfless when she tried to convince the Slitheen to kill her, not Rose Tyler. Another memorable moment. Commenting on Jones's role in the two-part "Aliens of London"/"World War Three", Wilton characterised her as "straight as a die" and "the kind of caring politician that anyone would like to have. Harriet A Jones, age 52. [10] In the dénouement of "The Christmas Invasion" the character's government is brought down by the new Doctor after she orders Torchwood to shoot down a fleeing alien ship. The alter Harriet Jones is meant to be president in the parrallel Great Britain. Despite her character having been introduced as fair-minded and hard-working, Harriet is depicted as an uncompromising Prime Minister, which led to comparisons to real-life politicians. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. With the aid of Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen), Harriet amplifies the sub-wave signal broadcast from her own home, allowing the Doctor to return to Earth at the expense of her own location becoming visible to the Daleks. (TV: Greeks Bearing Gifts). The Daleks said they knew who she was, but Jones said they knew nothing of her, telling them they would face their downfall in underestimating the human race. The episode introduces a running joke associated with the character which would see her frequently introduce herself by holding up her ID and stating her name and rank; in subsequent episodes this was usually met with the response "Yes, I/we know who you are," even occurring with the Daleks and the Sycorax. Monday 22nd … First appearance: by Harriet Jones | Jul 22, 2019 | Uncategorised Due to this week’s pending weather forecast, we have decided to alter our normal office hours. 11.05.45 is her birth date. by Harriet Jones | Mar 16, 2020 | Uncategorised. (PROSE: The Secret Lives of Monsters). When the Ninth Doctor arrived at Downing Street to consult on the crash, she tried to warn his companion, Rose Tyler, of what was happening, but the two were pursued by the unmasked aliens. In the 2007 episode "The Sound of Drums" it is stated that the Master, running for Prime Minister under the alias Harold Saxon, appeared right after Harriet's downfall. Associated persons: Dorothy F Jones, Nash J Jones. Jones used the subwave network to contact Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones and the Torchwood Institute in an attempt to contact the Doctor. (TV: The Stolen Earth), After her encounter with the Slitheen, Harriet became Prime Minister and proved to be a capable leader devoted to the safety of not only her country but the entire world. Oct 21, 2017 - The 12 Monkeys are back! Current address for Harriet is 285 Manchester Str, Manchester, PA 17345-9217. by Harriet Jones | Mar 16, 2020 | Uncategorised. Although the invasion is averted by the Tenth Doctor (now played by David Tennant), Harriet orders the covert Torchwood organisation to destroy the retreating Sycorax ship, arguing that there will come a time when the Doctor cannot protect Earth and so she must do what she can to defend it. Also known as: H A Jones, Harriet Jones, H Jones. (TV: The Christmas Invasion, The Stolen Earth), Unbeknownst to herself, Harriet's televised appeal for the Doctor's assistance in the face of the Sycorax on 25 December 2006 was intercepted by the Third Doctor's TARDIS scanner. Together, using the Cardiff Rift and Sarah Jane's computer Mr. Smith, they send a distress signal to the 10th Doctor and Donna, although Harriet Jones is killed by the Daleks. By clicking this message off, or continuing to navigate the website, you consent to that data being collected. Furious with Jones, the Doctor told her he could bring her down with just six words. [16] Davies was aware that Wilton was "very hard to book" and restricted her appearance to one scene to make negotiations easier; had Wilton declined, Davies planned to replace her with either Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) from "The Runaway Bride",[note 1] Mr Copper (Clive Swift) from "Voyage of the Damned", or Elton from "Love & Monsters". This might be a very good thing. Harriet Jones is a fictional character played by Penelope Wilton in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. (TV: Journey's End), The Twelfth Doctor mentioned Harriet as a possible candidate when asking the Landlord who the Prime Minister was. [15][16] Wilton accepted unconditionally because she "would do anything for ... Davies" and she wished to act in Phil Collinson's last filming block as producer as her first appearance in "Aliens of London" was filmed in the first production block of the first series. Mother: Having apparently lost the Vote of No Confidence after approximately six months in office, (TV: World War Three, The Christmas Invasion) Jones continued to work behind the scenes, devising ways to protect the Earth from alien intrusion should the Doctor be unavailable. However, she displayed a darker side by ordering Torchwood to destroy the Sycorax even though they were retreating from Earth. He had originally planned to allude to this in the script, but it was cut when he realised that the Doctor was already burdened by enough guilt. Here are her most likely phone numbers: (301) 770-5131 (Verizon Maryland, Inc), (301) 770-4422. [15] Harriet Jones's story arc thus formed a tripartite storyline which consisted of an introduction, animosity towards the Doctor, and redemption. Lookup the home address, phone numbers, email address for this person ... Alter Names. (TV: The Stolen Earth), Harriet was very knowledgeable, though often displayed knowledge on areas she arguably shouldn't know about; she knew about Torchwood despite saying herself she knew she wasn't supposed to, and had at least some understanding of the Osterhagen Key, a device even Jack Harkness knew nothing about, as she ordered Martha Jones not to use or talk about it the moment she mentioned it. (PROSE: A Big Hand for the Doctor)The First Doctor was told of a time he would become the last of his species. [1] She finds herself trapped with the Doctor and Rose inside 10 Downing Street, and as the only elected representative present, she gives the Doctor the order to launch a Harpoon missile, destroying the building but killing the Slitheen who were about to trigger a nuclear war. Her age is 75. (TV: World War Three) At the end of her life, Harriet said her life didn't matter if her sacrifice would save the Earth, and fearlessly faced the Daleks when they arrived to exterminate her, telling them that ultimately they will fail as they do not know what humans are truly capable of. (TV: Knock Knock), When Rose Tyler and her companion Clive arrived in another universe, they found the Prime Minister was Margo Kinnear, while Harriet Jones was the Leader of the Opposition, having lost an election. [18], Radio Times reviewer Patrick Mulkern likened the character to Brigitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) in the Danish series Borgen, explaining that the two "form a very small club of politicians in TV drama who are hugely sympathetic, female and enjoy a rapid rise to PM". It was the space programme that led to her facing an alien invasion by the Sycorax. (TV: The Stolen Earth), Jones always introduced herself by flashing her identity card and saying, "Harriet Jones, MP, Flydale North," because her constituency was a "tiny little place" and people would not know about it. (TV: The Christmas Invasion) After that decision she wondered if she had made the right choice but eventually concluded it had been necessary to defend Earth. Harriet Jones introducing herself in "The Stolen Earth", 2008. (AUDIO: The Flood), In another timeline Harriet Jones had "three consecutive terms" as Prime Minister, as revealed by the Ninth Doctor. As a trio of Daleks approach her, she proclaims defiantly that they will fail as they know nothing of humanity; the Daleks then exterminate her. Harriet Jones is a fictional character played by Penelope Wilton in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. The Daleks then fired their weapons as her webcam feed died. Her economic plan allowed people to be £18 a week better off, according to Jackie Tyler. [5] Rose informs the Doctor of Harriet's sacrifice in the following episode, "Journey's End". How to Search and Find Harriet M Glazer. Parallel counterparts ofHarriet Jones She was at 10 Downing Street when an alien spacecraft crashed in the River Thames on 6 March, 2006. List of fictional Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, "Russell T Davies reveals a certain Doctor Who character isn't dead after all", "Penelope Wilton: an actress who epitomises all things quintessentially English", "Introduction — interview with Penelope Wilton", "Dr Who saves the Earth (and joins the protests against the war in Iraq)", Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Phil Collinson.&promo=/doctorwho/medialibrary/images/main-promo/s4_01_trl_03.jpg&info=&info2=&info3=&tag_file_id=s0_01_aud_07, "Doctor Who: Aliens of London/World War Three", "Dr Who gets political with anti-war swipe", "Doctor Who — The Complete Second Series", "Doctor Who Characters Who Deserve Awesome New Action Figures", "Russell T Davies is the gay Michael Bay", "David Tennant staying as Doctor Who after surviving Dalek showdown", "10 amazing characters that made new Doctor Who what is since 2005",, Fictional Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 February 2021, at 19:22. This news, along with pictures of her, the Doctor, and Rose exiting the rubble, was reported in a newspaper. Former Prime Minister Harriet Jones contacts a number of the Doctor's former companions, including Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and Martha Jones. The Doctor told Rose that Jones was destined to be a Prime Minister, elected for three successive terms, and the architect of Britain's Golden Age.

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